Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm Baaaack!!!

Wow! Talk about taking a break! But seriously....this time I mean it. We have now moved to town, which cuts out a huge chunk of travel time througout the day. That and time spent tending to 15 acres and a very large house to (try) to keep clean. In an attempt to get the mojo flowing, I will be entering some weekly challenges. You know what that means.....updating and cleaning up the ole' blog site! Who knows....I may end up with visitors! So, until I get some of the challenges started, I will start with posting a few of my "creations" that have not yet been seen by anyone but yours truly.

I have been having fun crocheting all shapes and sizes of flowers...some for hats, bags and of course, cards.
Purple, being my fav color, you will be seeing a lot of those!  One more.....

Too fun!  Ok.  I am now officially back in the to be challenged.  With a bit of luck and creative juices flowing, I will be back tomorrow.

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